About Us–Nationwide Custom Laboratory Design and Installation Since 1984

Hawkins Scientific grew from a marriage of Principal and Owner Randy Hawkins’ many years of expertise in structural design, knowledge of laboratory furniture and fixtures, sales experience– and a natural ability to listen to what customers need. Hawkins has been working nationally in the field of lab design since 1984.

With a degree in structural engineering, Randy started his career working as a structural designer and then went on to hold an important position with the company responsible for building the St. Louis Arch and the Crystal Cathedral. This experience led him to Fisher Scientific, selling and designing laboratory furniture. In 1991, when Fisher decided to discontinue making their own laboratory cabinets, Hawkins Scientific was formed.

Custom Laboratory Design and Installation

Specializing in laboratory furniture layouts and custom products for the industrial lab , Hawkins Scientific, Inc. provides creative, functional laboratory designs and superior materials and workmanship. All across the nation Hawkins Scientific has a proven track record in the field of custom laboratory design and installation. The company is responsible for laboratory systems, ranging from a small industrial lab for one to two technicians, to large industrial, waste water treatment or teaching labs accommodating dozens of students, technicians, or scientists.

Hawkins provides creative, functional designs with superior materials and workmanship. As Randy and his staff say, “Our commitment is always to structure laboratories that function conveniently and efficiently, allowing you to maximize your time and resources. When providing our customers with a layout for their laboratory furniture, we consider things like material flow, traffic flow, and air handling–as well as OSHA and ADA requirements. We will install the laboratory furniture , chemical fume hoods and countertops. If you choose to, we can also install the fume hood ductwork, electrical wiring and plumbing–so all you need to do is enter the laboratory and begin your work.

Laboratory Construction Design to Laboratory Furniture Installation: Every Step is Covered

Providing you with personalized service throughout the laboratory project is one of the many things that makes Hawkins Scientific different. This means, from start of your new or existing laboratory construction design— to the laboratory furniture installation— you work with the same person. As Rachel Alvarez, with Alacer ( Makers of Emergen C) said, “…Randy was involved every step of the way: overseeing every aspect from design to installation. He did what he said he was going to do. There were no shocks or surprises. We are happy to recommend Hawkins Scientific to anyone who is looking for an industrial laboratory.”

If you’re looking for a top notch professional team for your laboratory designs and laboratory installations, clearly Hawkins Scientific is the best choice.

Contact us today and discover what hundreds of other US laboratory managers have—Hawkins Scientific makes laboratory design and installation easy and affordable.