Pharmaceuticals & Food Labs

Pharmaceuticals & Food Labs

Laboratories for Pharmaceuticals & Food or Food Supplements: We understand your needs!

Doing Pharmaceuticals and Food or Food Supplements lab design requires a wide range of skill sets. Placement of lab workstations, determining the best clearance for biological or chemical hoods –or even choosing the right materials for lab furniture–calls for experts who understand what must be done to meet the specific needs of Pharmaceutical and Food/ Food Supplement laboratory environments.

Pharmaceuticals & Food or Food Supplements Lab Design and Installation: Over 26years Experience

For over 26 years, the experts at Hawkins Scientific, Inc. have been supplying nationwide lab design and installation to companies such as Alacer (Makers of Emergen C) who recognize the value Hawkins provides. OSHA and ADA requirements are just one consideration. Pharmaceutical and Food/Food Supplement lab designers must not only supply the correct lab furniture or lab workstations, they must also understand optimum space and workflow utilization. Hawkins Scientific knows what laboratory equipment Pharmaceutical and Food/ Food Supplement labs will generally require, and can provide an appropriate lab design to accommodate that equipment.

Lab Designs That Function Properly

Contacting Hawkins Scientific early in the lab design process ensures you get the information and expert advice you need for your project to run smoothly and cost-effectively. In many cases, because we offer free design services(for small labs), you won’t have to hire an architect. Specializing in laboratory furniture layouts and custom products for Pharmaceutical and Food/ Food Supplement labs all across the US, Hawkins Scientific, Inc. provides creative, functional laboratory designs and superior materials and workmanship. Our laboratory specialists work with you to select the appropriate layout and equipment to meet your lab design’s specific requirements.

Chemically Appropriate Pharmaceutical, Food, or Food Supplement Lab furniture and Equipment

We know chemistry and understand the potential hazards involved when working with certain chemicals. As a result, we supply the appropriate lab equipment to protect the chemist from acid and chemical fumes. Also, the toxic nature of products used in these environments means the proper selection of the materials used in Pharmaceutical and Food/ Food Supplement lab furniture or lab workstations is critical.

When the design is complete and equipment selected, our installation team installs the lab furniture, lab workstations, biological or chemical hoods and countertops. If required, Hawkins Scientific will also install the , biological or chemical hood ductwork, electrical wiring and plumbing. Working with us means all you need to do is enter the laboratory and begin your work.

For Pharmaceutical, Food, or Food Supplement laboratories that are designed properly, maximize your capabilities, and meet your time and budget needs, Contact Hawkins Scientific, Inc. We have the experience and expertise to help you succeed with your lab wherever you are in the United States,.