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Nationwide Contractor Support for Lab Design

Lab Construction Today, more and more laboratory construction is tailored to meet the needs of specific customer applications. Construction of a new company’s facilities, or even remodeling projects, often involve lab design that requires general contractors to work with experts in this area. In many cases, especially with small labs, hiring an architect is not necessary. At Hawkins Scientific, we use our more than 26 years of laboratory engineering and design to partner with general contractors, providing laboratory construction and design services that increase the effectiveness of their client’s laboratories. All across the US, from wastewater and water treatment labs, to laboratories for testing pharmaceutical products, food, or food supplements, Hawkins Scientific brings experience, expertise, and service to all aspects of laboratory construction and lab design.

From start to finish—Hawkins Scientific works with you

No matter where you are in the US, from your project’s inception to completion the design experts at Hawkins Scientific work with you to ensure a laboratory that functions conveniently, efficiently–AND complements the overall project’s design goals. Randy Hawkins, president of Hawkins Scientific, has an extensive background collaborating with general contractors, especially in the area of wastewater and water treatment labs. Hawkins is responsible for laboratory systems ranging from a small industrial lab for 1 to 2 technicians, to large industrial water treatment labs, and teaching labs accommodating dozens of students, technicians, or scientists. This expertise is a critical element when it comes to laboratory design that maximizes the layout for function, traffic patterns, and proper equipment interface.

Lab Equipment Sales: We understand what your clients need

Safety, of course, is always a big concern in any laboratory construction. Understanding which biological or chemical hood is best–and where it must be located–is just one of the many services that Hawkins Scientific provides to ensure maximum safety levels. When designing laboratory material flow, traffic flow, and air handling, knowledge of current OSHA and ADA requirements is vital. For general contractors, collaborating with the experts at Hawkins Scientific means you can rely on their knowledge to ensure your client’s –and your–success.

From laboratory layout, to furniture selection, to successful integration, Hawkins Scientific is clearly the general contractor’s choice when doing new or refurbished laboratory construction–wherever you are.

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