Some Completed Laboratory Projects from Hawkins Scientific, Inc.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Hawkins Scientific was chosen to design and install this industrial laboratory with technical workstations for a Midwest wastewater treatment plant where approximately 8 to 10 lab technicians will test and monitor sewage.

Laboratory countertops are made of black epoxy – perfect for the tough environment of a laboratory due to their superior resistance to heat and chemical damage. Laboratory cabinet handles are flush so lab
carts and lab coats will not get hooked on them.

Upper laboratory cabinets are open to facilitate ease of use.

Laboratory fume hoods and laboratory ventilation systems were built to accommodate the client’s requirements of size, service, and environment.

(Left) One custom feature of this wastewater laboratory is an ADA sink with ADA cabinet which is 34″, rather than the normal 30″ for sitting height, or 36″ for standing height.

Industrial Paint Laboratory Employs Stainless Steel

This paint laboratory, custom designed and installed by Hawkins Scientific, is an excellent example of industrial laboratory design featuring steel casework and stainless steel countertops.

The lab is used to formulate new paint products and regulate color consistency with the change in pigment sourcing.