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Laboratory furniture

Every good laboratory design starts with an understanding of the critical requirements—whether laboratory construction is part of major project or the laboratory just stands on its own. All across the United States Hawkins Scientific has been providing laboratory consulting services as a member of your team or as independent lab consultants since 1984.

With laboratory projects that are too small to involve an Architect, Hawkins Scientific:

  • Meets with our customers and measures the room where the lab is to be built
  • Determines the number of people working in the lab, the work flow, and the work to be performed
  • Locates large equipment, fume hoods,and bio safety cabinets

When the assessment is compete, we draw a scaled floor plan to include windows, doors, columns, and other important features in the room. With any lab design an important consideration is making sure to provide adequate aisle spaces and avenues for ingress and egress, as well as ensuring enough doors exist so work can be performed efficiently.

When laboratory design or laboratory construction is part of a larger project, we meet with Architects who provide laboratory consulting services such as designs for plumbing, electrical and HVAC services. As members of the laboratory design team, Hawkins understands how important accurate time and costs are to the success of any project.

Lab Construction from North of the Arctic Circle to High Security Prisons—Hawkins Has Done It All

The range of laboratory design and laboratory construction projects we have worked on includes:

  • Aerospace Labs
  • Battery Labs
  • Circuit Board Labs
  • Corn Chip Labs
  • Cosmetic Labs
  • Meat Labs
  • Mechanical Testing Labs
  • Milk and Ice Cream Labs
  • Olive Oil Labs
  • Petroleum Labs
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Water and Waste Water Labs
  • Hawkins Scientific has designed and built labs where DNA has been tested and where it has been synthesized. We have built labs 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle and even laid out labs in high security prisons. As you can see, whatever your laboratory design requires we have probably done it.

    Laboratory furniture installation

    Laboratory Furniture Installation

    Whether you are remolding or starting your laboratory construction from scratch, we can help you with base cabinet, wall case, or floor case installation.

    We provide laboratory furniture such as fume hoods, oversized walk-in fume hoods, canopy hoods, and ductwork and promise to deliver the best products to meet the budget and safety requirements of your particular laboratory environment.

    Different laboratory environments require different countertop types and we have installed them all—from phenolic resin and stainless steel to plastic laminate countertops. We have even installed epoxy countertops where the joint disappeared and 3’ high epoxy back splashes hung on the wall with no fasteners and not supported by a countertop.

    Hawkins Scientific has been supporting our wide range of customers with expert lab design, lab installations, and lab furniture since 1984. Our experience working with a variety of laboratories guarantees you have the proper laboratory equipment and surfaces for your lab’s safe and efficient working environment.

    Why not put our vast experience to work for you? Contact us today and let us assist you with your next laboratory remodel or laboratory construction project.