California Lab Design: Lab countertops, Lab Hoods...

Chemical HoodBecause there are so many different types of laboratories in California, Hawkins Scientific is positioned to respond rapidly to each one's unique requirements.

Whether the need is for laboratory design and construction, or to supply laboratory casework, or lab hoods, Hawkins has been supporting California's laboratories since 1984. These many years of engineering and design are employed as the Hawkins team works with architects and lab managers to increase the effectiveness of their client’s laboratories. 

Our team is available to assist you with the selection and layout of furniture, counter-tops, fume hoods, duct work, fans, etc. This approach ensures you have the appropriate surfaces and equipment for the type of work to be done in your lab.

Some of the most common types of industrial labs in California include:

  • Vitamin Labs
  • Food Industry Testing Labs
  • Cannabis Labs
  • Cosmetics Labs
and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Hawkins Scientific California Laboratory Design: Many Happy Customers

We have a long list of California laboratories we have provided lab design services, lab countertops and cabinets, and/or laboratory fume heads. They include (but are not limited to):

Alacer Corp – Foothill Ranch, CA
Allied High Tech – Rancho Dominguez, CA
Bio Film -Vista, CA
Excel Packaging – Irvine, CA
FMD Water Camp Pendleton, CA
Gar Labs- Riverside, CA
GIMDx – Carlsbad, CA
Par Pharmaceuticals – Irvine, CA
Planet Earth -Vernon, CA
Prodo – Aliso Viejo, CA
TPIRC – Long Beach, CA
Twining Labs - Long Beach, CA
Uni-Caps – Brea, CA
Weckerle -Carson, CA
WWTP – City of Malibu, CA

"We have depended on Hawkins Scientifics’ laboratory design consulting for 8 to 10 years on various university laboratory projects..."
John De Felice, University of California Riverside

Lab Countertops Customized For Your Needs

Whether you are looking for stainless steel, chemical resistant, epoxy resin, or phenolic resin countertops we have you covered. These pictures show how Hawkins can integrate hanging cabinets on lab tables, as well as illustrating design flexibility with lab hoods and lab furniture, allowing us to create laboratory workstations that meet your specific lab's requirement–whether light or heavy duty.

Each laboratory cabinet base unit is designed on a “building block” concept, allowing them to fit together perfectly and easy to install. With this kind of flexibility, if your needs change they are equally easy to rearrange and add more units to.

Fume Hood Exhaust Systems

Hawkins Scientific experts' knowledge of fume hood exhaust systems enables us to provide you with the optimal duct work, fans and fume hoods for your operating environment. Our pros evaluate the existing capacity of “make-up” air and then advise you on the appropriate volume your system requires to assure a safe lab fume exhaust environment.